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What kind of laser do you use to remove hair?We use a Candela GentleLase Plus. It is a true laser, a 755 Alexandrite.

Does it hurt?Yes, and no! Most clients will say it feels like a rubber band snapping-repeatedly-but there is no lingering pain and no down time. It’s well worth the few moments of discomfort for weeks, months or years of never having to shave!

Can having hair removal be done if I have a tattoo?Probably not. If you have a tattoo in the area you would like to remove hair, or if you have permanent makeup, then you most likely will not be a candidate for laser hair removal. The laser will “harden” the ink, change the color, or break-up the tattoo ink.

Does tattoo removal really work?Yes, it really works. It is a commitment, however. The process can take several treatments, performed over time. Black, red and blue ink lift easily, but the age of the tattoo can dictate how many treatments you may need.

 Why do I need a chemical peel? Does it hurt?

Chemical peels are a great tool to revive dull skin, reduce fine lines and the skin discolorations from years of sun exposure. A peel can also help control acneic skin. There is little to no discomfort with a peel, and some individuals peel more than others. A free consultation is available to put you at ease!

Can you remove skin tags?

Yes, we can! Please schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We can also remove cherry hemangiomas (a small red dot), milia, and sebaceous hyperplasia. Please call and we will be happy to answer any questions.


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